Drum Lessons

  • Rudiments
  • Body Mechanics & Technique
  • Hand & foot techniques
  • Drum maintenance & tuning
  • Playing to a click track/metronome
  • Learning & mastering songs
  • Ear Training
  • Transcribing & sight reading
  • Musicianship & playing in a band
  • Electronics, use of backing tracks & samples
  • Exam or audition preparation


Eli has been teaching privately for over 10 years and has developed a reputation as one of South Australia’s leading drumset instructors.

His holistic approach to the instrument focuses not only on developing technique and repertoire, but also on all important body mechanics and the mental side of playing the drums.

Topics Covered:

Eli’s studio is based just 15mins drive north from Adelaide’s CBD, situated inside Cross City Rehearsals, Gepps Cross, in the old A1 Pro Percussion Drum Shop.

Whether you are just a beginner picking up the sticks for the first time, or a gigging player looking for some fresh ideas, sign up today and have Eli take your playing to the next level.

RATES: $30 – 30mins // $50 – 1 Hour